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Song of the Eagle by Knapper Steven Kelley




These are some of the best flint knapping and related links out there.

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The following links have been arranged in the preceding categories:

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Please note that the following links are in no particular order and that we can not guarantee that all the links are current or live-up to their wording and take no responsibility for down links or those that direct to offensive material.


Lapidary Stone Supply - A good source for quality Lapidary Obsidian from central Oregon. Offers unique varieties for good prices.

Verns Flint and Steel Products - Let me spark your interest with flint and steel fire starters.


Archeologia Sperimentale

The Arrowhead Guy - Museum-quality artifact lithic replications, arrowheads, points, arrows, jewelry, atl-atls, drills, flintknapping tools, videos, books, flint, and much more from professional flintknapper and avocational archeologist, Doug Dahl. Custom orders accepted and appreciated!

Art of Ishi - The premier website for custom handmade projectile points, stone knives, opal jewelry, stone turkey calls, and more.

Bernard Ginelli - Features the knives, bifaces, atlatls made by this top French flintknapper. FREE WEBCAST VIDEOS, IMAGE GALLERIES... A must see.

Cahokia Project

Carlo Gori Italian Flintknapper - My name is Carlo and I am in Italy, where the knappers are very few!!!! I am one and I knapp since 2002. I work both in ABO Style with flint/ chert of my Country and LAP Style with various stuffs from States ( Novaculite, Obsidian, Georgetown, Dacite)


Dirt Brothers

Dixieknapper - custom stone knives and points by Don Sutton from las vegas and south utah,702-622-8317

Doc's Rocks - Doc's Rocks offers high quality Edwards Plateau Chert (Flint) from West Texas. Considered to be the best knapping material available this material is consistently uniform & comes in a variety of colors & sizes. For full details call 325-784-6509 or click the link to visit my webpage.

Flint Stone and Bone Creations - Stanley Payne has been flintknapping for a number of years now, starting off with arrowheads and specializing in stone knife creations. President Bush owns one of his creations and now you can too! Check out this site created by his biggest fan, his wife, Becky!

Got Caught Knapping - I have a lot of obsidian pre-forms,antler boppers,3 dollar flakers,knapped obsidian knifes with antler handles and stands. 325-248-4963 may have to leave voice mail

Hudson Knapping - Hudson Knapping From the backwoods of Kentucky

Modern Flintknapping - Knappers pushing the boundaries of flintknapping and the home of the Modern Flintknapping Grading System.


Megalithics - Experimental archaeology, knapping, and other cool stuff.

Obsidian Arts - Tony Stanfield's site.

Primitive Enterprises- This blog is dedicated to the flintknapping and primitive technologies practiced by Silas Chapman.

Spirit Wind - Robert Killgo's site

Sparrow Creek Productions - Canadian flint knapping/primitive technologies site.

Spiritoftherock Lithics - I replicate many early stone tool types, arrow points, atlas dart points, knives, spears, axes. Please come by and check out my site @ http://flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=MTM4OA%3D%3D

Susquehanna Woodland Designs - Michael McGrath's knapping & a vocational archaeology site. Knapping helps, knapping products such as points, arrows, knives, spears. Insitu artifact pictures and much more.

Texas Arrowheads - Features a growing photo gallery of authentic Texas projectile point types. Museum quality triple exposure photos.

thunderbird atlatl - We have a website that is all about atlatls and atlatlists and what they do with the ancient hunting weapon. Note: Atlatlists use up stone points. thanks, Bob Berg

UK Knapping Forum - A place for all UK based knappers discuss knapping, share resources, show off work, ask/give advice and learn to knap.


Bill Metcalfe - Flintknapping and Bow making with Bill Metcalfe. This website includes a list of products you can purchase from Bill Metcalfe including flint knapping supplies and a video.

Bows of Wood - Abo flint knapping workshops, various primitive living skills & bow building workshops.

Crackin Bracken's Flint knapping Tools and Atlatl Supply Warehouse - "Flint Knapping tools for all skill levels, tool kits, copper boppers, Instructional media, Ishi sticks, abraders, Flint and helpful articles and links!"

Dennis Brooker - I offer knapped knife blades made from glass and obsidian.

Earthwalk Northwest - Earthwalk Northwest offers programs focusing on primitive living skills, including flintknapping, bow & arrow making, fire by friction, wild edibles, and much more. Our unique courses provide in-depth, hands-on experience, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of traditional skills while learning how to wisely use the many gifts the earth has to offer.

Flintknapper's Corner - DC Waldorf's Site

Got Caught Knapping - Knapped knifes and replicas made of obsidian, flint and glass. Pre-forms, tools, antlers and starter kits gotcaughtknapping.com 325-248-4964,325-248-4963

Greg  Nunn's Web Site - Greg has a new must see flintknapping DVD for all flintknappers. Replicating the Type 1C Danish Dagger. Very informative!

Hand-2­Mouth Mining - Hand-2-Mouth Mining - Purveyors of California Gem Rock Davis Creek obsidian at Mine Direct prices!

Horst and McCann, Inc. (John Horst) - Featuring the fine artwork of France's premier knapper, Jean-Jacques Dutrieux.

Istellas - Artistic creations in obsidian from Sardinia.

Karl Lee -  one of Britain's best and leading flintknappers. Visit the website to see amazing replicas, find out about demonstrations, teaching collections, tuitions etc

Kentucky Flintworks - Kentucky Flintworks - Source For Everything Flintknapping.

Kiln Depot - Kiln Depot offers a full line of gas and electric kilns for the hobbiest and commercial production kilns. Ceramic kiln, Glass kiln,Pottery kiln, Raku kilns, Stackable kilns at wholesale kiln prices.

Lethal Lithics - Maker of exquisite museum-quality stone knives, daggers, spears, arrows and classic North American projectile point types.

Lithic Casting Lab

Magnet Cove Stone - Novaculite stone, come spall on site at quarry. primitive camping at quarry. All stone is 45 cents per lb at quarry. Advance notice please.

Mark Bracken - We have developed this site to help knappers of all skill levels by providing them with knapping tools, Ishi sticks, Moose antler billets, diamond scribes, diamond grinding bits, diamond files, abraders, leather pads, copper nails, kits, instructional books, DVD's and flintknapping materials just to mention a few. We have several articles with helpful tips, as well as knapping terminology, platform construction, an in depth look at tool description & usage, events listings, and much more! Take your time and enjoy our site.

Missouri Trading Company - Find the very best in copper tools (Warren Copper Boppers and more!) and abo tools (billets by Jim Spears) at Missouri Trading Company. Also, we have many books and videos on flint knapping, arrowheads, and archaeological subjects. Check out the flint knapping galleries for Jim Spears, Roger Warmuskerken, Don Dickson and others. Missouri Trading Company is the proud sponsor to Flint Knapping 2004 Calendar by Derek McLean. Besides flint knapping goodies, we cater to self bowyers and leather crafters and much more! Please enjoy our store. (KRU member)

Native Way - Specializes in primitive technology supplies for institutions and hobbyists, including ancient weaponry and flintknapping kits, seminar packages, and finished decorator items. We have been this country’s largest producer of flintknapping grade novaculite for nearly 15 years. Wholesale and retail. Visit our web site for information on making and using primitive weaponry, arrowhead collecting and flintknapping, as well as mountable and collectable points of stone, bone, steel and bronze. Try our new FREE REPLICA AUCTION for those interested in buying and selling finished replica or reproduction pieces of Native American and Old World style artifacts. Just register, list your item in the appropriate category, and upload your photos. Or visit our ARROWHEAD HUNTER'S MESSAGE BOARD for those interested in finding artifacts in their area.

Neolithics.com - Offering an unbeatable variety of materials and supplies for the discriminating knapper. Check out our online store today and find what you've been looking for!! Satisfaction guaranteed.

OREgon ROCKhounds ONline - I have the best selection of obsidian rough available: black, mahogany,triple flow, Midnite Lace, gold sheen, rainbow, Electric Blue, grey banded, needles, Green Sheen, Royal Purple, peacock, purple/green, Royal Velvet.

Paleorocks - Authentic Prehistoric Paleo American Artifacts and Lithic Materials

RelicsWorld - Relicsworld.com is an online gallery for collectors and traders. It provides great features to promote your collection in an exciting way

Rudderbows - We make bows and arrows. Hickory bows, osage, oak... etc. rudderbows.com, check it out... bows start at $99.00

Sparrow Creek - Fine crafted knapped art (arrowheads, stone knives, spears, bows and arrows) in the traditions of North American Indians.

Spirit Wind - Robert Killgo's fine knapped art.

Texas Knapper Supply - Tool and equipment for the modern flintknapper.

Tribal Pleasures - Using blades by Craig Ratzat and other outstanding knappers to match the quality of his intricately carved handles, set with gems it's no wonder his knives are collected world wide.


Clubs and associations

Austindiggers - Austin area Arrowhead Hunters and Collectors Page - Austin TX area arrowhead collectors club. Pop in and see what we have been finding and email your finds to add to the site as well!

CSUSB College of Extended Learning - Learn the art and science of flintknapping at the Soda Springs Desert Studies Center in Zzyzx, California (near Baker). Every February, the College of Extended Learning at Cal State San Bernardino offers a three-day course (includes lodging & five meals). Register online!

Horseshoe Bend Knappers - Located on the Horseshoe Bend of the Brazos River south of Weatherford, Texas, the Horseshoe Bend Knappers is an informal club comprised primarily of knapping hobbyists.

Stone Age Fair - The non-commercial Loveland Stone Age Fair, the oldest archaeology event of its type in the US; lectures by noted archaeologists, flintknapping and artifact displays. Sponsored by the non-profit Loveland Archaeological Society.

Rareearthexplorationllc.com - We have flint knapping materials for sale in the bulk. And free advertising to members, free rock and gemstone contest, free to join at rareearthexplorationllc.com

Ray Harwood - Club like society, interested in research and the of study of flintknapping. Code of ethics (follows Mosses' big 10). Big on knapping history and regional point type studies. All are welcome.  

Tarp - A flint knapping forum

Utah Valley Knapping Association - The UVKA is an informal club comprised primarily of knapping hobbyists from all over Utah and some of the adjoining states such as Wyoming and Colorado.We meet once per month on average and usually have anywhere from 10-30 amateur knapper’s show up. Most who attend our knap-in’s are relatively new to the hobby and some have been knapping for over 20 years. One thing is true for all who attend and that is a shared love for fun that can be had by “breaking rock”.


Books and videos - Also see the commercial category

The Arrowhead Guy - Museum-quality artifact lithic replications, arrowheads, points, arrows, jewelry, atl-atls, drills, flintknapping tools, videos, books, flint, and much more from professional flintknapper and avocational archeologist, Doug Dahl. Custom orders accepted and appreciated!

Flint Knapping: Articles, Tips and Tutorials from the Internet - This e-book can be downloaded, printed, copied, and distributed free of charge.

Greg  Nunn's Web Site - Greg has a new must see flintknapping DVD for all flintknappers. Replicating the Type 1C Danish Dagger. Very informative!

Idaho Museum of Natural History - IMNH is excited to announce the release of Don Crabtree: A Reader in Stone, a DVD compilation of video and research papers by Don Crabtree.

Mound Builder Books - Mound Builder Books has been specializing in flint knapping publications since 1975! Here you will find books and videos by D.C. Waldorf and others that are available nowhere else!

Neolithics.com - Here you will find two essential flintknapping videos, Caught Knapping & Lap Knapping. Check out our beginner kit's as well, designed especially for each one...

STONE DAGGER PUBLICATIONS - Bob Patten's site and book source

Texas Cache - The only artifact magazine featuring true Texas points!


Buena Vista Museum of Natural History - The specific purpose of Buena Vista Museum is to promote the scientific and educational aspects of earth history, particularly paleontology and anthropology. This is done through public education and research, and serving as a repository for fossils, specimens, and other natural history items.

Findon West Sussex UK - The historic village of Findon nestles under Cissbury Ring where some of England's oldest flint mines are located. Cissbury Ring is better know for being an Iron Age hillfort that was captured by the Romans, but the site was once a neolithic hive of industry. Don't miss the Cissbury Ring page http://www.findon.com/cissbury/cissbury.htm which contains information about the flint mines.

FlintSource.NET - Graphical database on European sources of siliceous material used in prehistory for flintknapping. Descriptions and photos of raw materials and the sites where they are to be found, as well as notes on their archaeological use.

Idaho Museum of Natural History - The Idaho Museum of Natural History actively nurtures an understanding of and delight in Idaho's natural and cultural heritage.

Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump

Index of Native American Archaeology & Anthropology

Loveland Stone Age Fair - We are the non-profit Loveland Archaeological Society, sponsors of the Stone Age Fair in Loveland, Colorado, a cultural institution for the past 64 years that presents flintknapping programs by Mr. Bob Patten, premier displays and exhibits, and lectures by some of Archaeology's most renowned names such as Dr. Marie Wormington, Dr. George Frison of Laramie and the Frison Institute, Dr. Dennis Stanford and Dr. Pegi Jodry of the Smithsonian, to name just a few. It is a great 2-day event for families and especially students studying Native Cultures in school. In fact, many schools offer extra credit to students taking notes or writing reports after attending the Fair.

Moundville Archaeological Park

Revelation in Stone - Polymorphic figure stones, amazing flint artworks from Brett Martin.

The Provincial Museum of Alberta Human History Archaeology

Texas Arrowheads - Features a growing photo gallery of authentic Texas projectile point types. Museum quality triple exposure photos.


Ancestral Knowledge - We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization specializing in primitive skills. Bow making, Flint Knapping, fire by friction, Wilderness survival and much more. Please Check us out!!!

Ebay's Flintknapping Listings

FlintSource.NET - The website dedicated to sourcing flint, and similar materials.

Folsom Workshop

Ishi - Who Was Ishi?

Lithics Net - You can find near anything on lithics here

Straight Arrow Art - Site contains unusual, unique artwork that com- bines tradition, with history, and 3D design.

Traditional Flintknapping


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