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Replicating The Type 1C Neolithic Danish Dagger with Greg Nunn

This 98 minute DVD demonstrates advanced techniques that unlock the secrets to replicating the Type 1C Danish Dagger.

$29.95 - Order

Here is a beginner's video introduction to this ancient skill. Bill Metcalfe has been actively teaching the art of flint knapping for several years. Here he gives an introduction to the tools and methods he uses to produce flint arrowheads. Teaching methods are clear, simple and with great close ups. Bill Explains every move in detail so you can understand it. Included are: Using copper billets, spalling large nodules to produce flakes, free-hand percussion flaking, pressure flaking using the Ishi stick, and notching.

$25.00 -  Order

Flintknapping by Bruce Bradley, Ph.D.

As a Prehistoric hunter, how would you go about providing tools needed for daily survival? This film demonstrates the fundamentals of the art of Flintknapping. Bruce Bradley explains and shows the process of stone tool manufacture. Watch as each piece is skillfully produced duplication this ancient skill as you reach a better understanding of our past. An internationally renowned expert, Bruce Bradley is an active professional archaeologist and educator. His lectures are in constant demand in the United States and abroad. 45 minutes

$23.00 -  Order

Caught Knapping - takes you through the fundamentals of flintknapping as a reduction process. Craig begins with quarrying and leads you through spalling, percussion bifacing, pressure flaking, and notching. This visual guide will help you learn the basics of flint knapping and may hasten skill-building as you proceed from pit to point.

$20.00 -  Order

Lap Knapping - introduces you to the techniques of pressure flaking slabs to produce authentic looking arrowheads and blades. In the video, Craig uses lapidary equipment to preshape rock slabs which conserves material costs. Craig leads you through pressure flaking, notching, and grinding rock slabs into quality finished points.

$22.00 -  Order

The Art of Flintknapping Video Companion with D. C. Waldorf 

Geared for beginner, but informative for the advanced knapper. Covers raw material processing. Bi-face reduction by percussion. Holding positions. Pressure flaking. 1 hour 43 minutes.

$25.00 -  Order

Working Obsidian with D. C. Waldorf, Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Collection of material at Glass Buttes, Oregon. Demonstration of making a large point out of obsidian. Discussion on rock saws and slabbing material. Instructions on how to use small chips and irregular chunks for making points. 2 hours. 

$25.00 -  Order

Roasting Rocks The Art and Science of Heat Treating

Make flint knapping easier! D.C. Waldorf shows you how to improve the workability of flint and chert through the magic of heat treating.

First he demonstrates the ancient art of heat treating in the ground. The he takes us to his shop to load and fire a modern electric kiln. He demonstrates the use of "The Poor Man's Kiln," the common roaster oven. Methods are compared and results are shown. Comes with a 20 page "recipe book". VHS, 50 minutes

$20.00 -  Order

"How to pressure flake a thin blade"

This 58 minute video goes into complete detail on how Bill grinds stones and pressure flakes them into an exceptionally thin blades. This type of flake over grinding is derived from the Egyptian culture and is shown using today's technology. Bill also does percussion, but has developed his own style of pressure flaking. Link to order is: http://www.modern-flintknapping.com/flintknapping-DVD-video.html

$30.00 -  Order

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