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Carlo Gori
Robert Killgo
Harlan Mauch
Jay and Jeremiah Newton
Jim Pierle
Godwin Quattlebaum
Travis Smolinski



If you are a knapper and are interested in selling your points on-line and need a place to start or a buyer that wishes to own some quality points, then click here!


Home of the best Native American reproductions available by Master craftsman Robert Killgo





For Sale: arrowheads, stone knives, arrows and other knapped crafts.






If you would like to add your pictures (max. 4 - approx. 50kb in size each) and an image of yourself as well as contact information (optional) then please feel free to click here.




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Mike Cook

Bio Available Contact Email Avaliable

Jesse Cox

Contact Email Avaliable

Dale Cross

Contact Email Avaliable gallery_DaleCross2.jpg (36537 bytes) Fort payne clovis 4 inch by Dale Cross

Matt Doyle

Read Bio on Matt Doyle Contact Email Avaliable gallery_MattDoyle1.jpg (61006 bytes) gallery_MattDoyle2.jpg (65315 bytes) gallery_MattDoyle3.jpg (56035 bytes) gallery_MattDoyle4.jpg (57127 bytes)

Brent Eanes

Read Bio on Matt Doyle Contact Email Avaliable

Bo Earls

Read Bio on Matt Doyle Contact Email Avaliable

Carlo Gori

Read Bio on Matt Doyle Contact Email Avaliable

Timothy Ives


Robert Killgo

Read Bio on Robert Killgo

Contact Email Avaliable

gallery_killgo1.jpg (100347 bytes)

gallery_killgo2.jpg (94992 bytes)

gallery_killgo3.jpg (24954 bytes)

gallery_killgo4.jpg (64830 bytes)

Harlan Mauch

Read Bio on Harlan Mauch

Contact Email Avaliable

frmdarhd33.jpg (18519 bytes) boneknife3.jpg (10604 bytes) 2002arh10.jpg (27888 bytes)

boneknife.jpg (9349 bytes)

Jay and Jeremiah Newton

Read Bio on Jay and Jeremiah Newton Contact Email Avaliable

Stanley Payne


Jim Pierle

Bio Available Contact Email Avaliable  

Godwin Quattlebaum

Image Available

gallery_vel2.jpg (12737 bytes)

Dave Rauschenberg

gallery_DaveR_grahm.jpg (86099 bytes) gallery_DaveR_maya.jpg (82019 bytes) gallery_DaveR_mamonth slayer.jpg (67485 bytes) gallery_DaveR_tona.jpg (92620 bytes)

Don Rogers

  Contact Email Avaliable

Travis Smolinski

Read Bio on Travis Smolinski Contact Email Avaliable AH304.jpg (26341 bytes) AH273.jpg (20282 bytes)

Chuck Wiggins

Contact Email Avaliable

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